Make better refactoring decisions

A workflow engine for development teams to make consistent, predictable & successful refactoring decisions. Happier & smarter development teams.

Inspired by the AnaConDebt Decision Framework by Antonio Martini et al.

Pricing and plans

Symptom Tracker

Keep records of events when your team is pained by tech debt or bad code design.

Second Opinion

Get a rigourous answer to "Should we refactor this code?" just by answering some questions.

Peer Review

Communicate seamlessly with stakeholders to build consensus and defend the health of your codebase.


Eradicate gut decisions by using feedback and metrics to validate refactoring value.


RefactorKit is designed to handle architectural debt decisions, which are characterized by medium-to-large estimated investments in time, dev cycles, and other factors. Some call this "root-canal refactoring" (due to the major impact)

The other type of refactoring is called "floss refactoring" for it's low impact and routine, quicker nature of the decisions. You can find examples of floss refactoring on

You can, but we have a great horizontal perspective of the science of making refactoring decisions. RefactorKit is a service specifically designed to be generalizable and is validated by peer-reviewed research. The practice of refactoring depends on decision theory, reproducable classification of methods and empirical studies. It also heavily depends on group coordination strategies and prediction theory.

Let us handle the rigour needed. You'll benefit from increased development team productivity.

Do Your Own Research. You can. In fact, we made the job of self-learning way more convenient for you with our RefactorKit Research Assistant (coming soon). But if you find yourself short on time, and could use help with your decision, one of the primary design goals of RefactorKit is to provide 80% of the value for 20% of the effort.

The Research Assistant indexes content by topics and categories which were gathered empirically based on a literature review. Of course, we also want the chance to demonstrate how the suite of tools offered by RefactorKit are evidence-based.

In fact, RefactorKit is a research experiment too! The generalizability of the 80/20 rule suggests that based on a given measurement system, it should be possible to receive 80% of the measured benefits for 20% of the measured effort. The Symptom Tracker can also be configured with your study methodology, and you can provide a seamless, secure, white-label experience for your study participants. Contact us for more details

You have the choice of building your repository list from the ground up, or use an automatic integration. Once the integration is completed, RefactorKit will securely synchronize with your source control host, like Github.

As a hosted platform, RefactorKit seamlessly integrates the entire workflow of making a refactoring decision. This requires the developers, needed for primary data collection and feeding tech-debt data that helps architects in charge of guiding the bigger picture.

RefactorKit also helps developers to make group decisions easier. An integrated communications workflow handles the heavy lifting of building team consensus.

More specifically, RefactorKit can serve as a primary tool for the roles of staff engineer or principal engineer. Hacker News

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